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Take your Apple Search Ads campaigns to the next level

Turn every install into a valuable user with over 270 advanced and AI-powered automation solutions. Deliver results directly to your app by revolutionizing the way you approach app marketing.
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Discover the full potential of your campaigns
Discover the full potential of your campaigns
Monitor and manage campaigns, keywords, search terms, and custom product pages performances in a single dashboard.
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Optimize your bids at the speed of the market to effortlessly maximize ROI
Set your campaigns up with high-volume keywords in no time, uncover keywords you're missing from where your competitors’ are running ads, bid the right amount on the right keywords at the right time, and get your campaigns health-checked in minutes.
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Optimize your bids at the speed of the market to effortlessly maximize ROI
Keyword & Market Insights
Keyword & Market Insights
Discover which organic keywords your competitors rank for. Explore the paid keywords of your competitors and use their impression share metrics to make precise bidding decisions. Get a comprehensive market overview of the apps that are running multichannel ads in different ad placements.
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Uncover the conversion rates between your goals, from impressions to the final engagement step for your app

How Rec Room Decreased their CPA by more than 45% while lowering their Daily Operation Time

With’s insightful optimization tools and smart automations, as a team, we reduced the operation time from hours to minutes. At the same time, we decreased CPA by more than 45% in 5 months. We feel like we have a team of Apple Search Ads marketers!

Sabrina Chen
Head of User Acquisition
Rec Room

How Codeway Scaled Up Their Monthly Apple Search Ads Spend by 800%

Working with dedicated Client Partners and Growth Managers who are perfectly aware of our business goals and make sure that we’re following the best possible Apple Search Ads strategy that aligns with those goals. Using, we increased our monthly Apple Search Ads spend by %800 while meeting our ROAS goals and minimizing manual effort.

Cantuğ Sugün
Marketing Team Lead

SplashLearn Saw 160% Uplift in Downloads in New Markets with

With’s automation features and intuitive dashboard, we were able to get a 160% uplift in downloads in new markets. Team is also very quick to give high-quality support and roll out new features which we have asked for.

Mithun Jhawar
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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