Power up your player acquisition on auto-pilot with our AI-powered campaign management platform

With 270+ customized automations and AI-powered smart tools, you'll reduce your operation time by 80% and discover high-value players at a 32% reduced expense.
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Power up your player acquisition on auto-pilot with our AI-powered campaign management platform
Get a complete view of your player acquisition funnel
Create and monitor the performance of multiple goals in a single customizable dashboard from the pre-install to the post-install phase to ensure that your campaigns are always optimized for success.
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Optimize your bids and increase your impression share for high-intent keywords
Acquire high-value players while meeting your cost KPIs and minimizing manual effort so that you can focus more on optimizing your creative work.
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Create, optimize, and monitor your campaigns to save you valuable time and resources
AI algorithms powered by SearchAds.com's vast dataset will find high-intent keywords and optimize your bids for your budget — so you can trust that every dollar spent is bringing you the highest ROI.
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Set yourself up for success with high-intent keyword and market insights
Get exclusive keyword recommendations and market insights to empower your campaigns with data-driven decision-making.
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How Kwalee Scaled Up Their Apple Search Ads By 150%

The Smart Automation rules of SearchAds.com scaled up our spending on Apple Search Ads. These AI-powered automations helped us find out the right keywords acquiring the most valuable users for each game with much less effort, which allows us to bid more competitively and create more opportunities. After 2 months we had started using SearchAds.com, we were spending on average almost 150% more with over 2x times more installs monthly.

Gabriel Silva
User Acquisition Executive

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