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How Kwalee Scaled Up Their Apple Search Ads By 150%

The Smart Automation rules of scaled up our spending on Apple Search Ads. These AI-powered automations helped us find out the right keywords acquiring the most valuable users for each game with much less effort, which allows us to bid more competitively and create more opportunities. After 2 months we had started using, we were spending on average almost 150% more with over 2x times more installs monthly.

Gabriel Silva
User Acquisition Executive

Apple Search Ads Spend of Rappi Scales by 168% with’s Smart Automation Rules helped us safely scale our spend in Apple Search Ads by 168% with a 58% uplift in incremental installs in a month. Using the keyword tools of MobileAction was also a great boost to our growth with Apple Search Ads.

Jhonatan Mora
Head of Global SEM

How Rec Room Decreased their CPA by more than 45% while lowering their Daily Operation Time

With’s insightful optimization tools and smart automations, as a team, we reduced the operation time from hours to minutes. At the same time, we decreased CPA by more than 45% in 5 months. We feel like we have a team of Apple Search Ads marketers!

Sabrina Chen
Head of User Acquisition
Rec Room

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