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Lowering CPA by 25% and Boosting Deposits by 34% for Real Money Casino Gaming Company

No matter which category of app you have, it’s essential to look at various mobile success stories to learn about strategies you could apply to your business. As an early adopter of mobile, gaming is often at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Here, the success of a top-notch casino gaming company, achieved in collaboration with MobileAction's platform, highlights impressive accomplishments in optimizing their Apple Search Ads campaigns’ performance efficiently. With a resolute determination to excel, our customers get assistance on creating and managing their Apple Search Ads campaigns while maintaining impeccable cost-per-acquisition metrics and navigating a fiercely competitive market. Let’s dive into the key factors that drove their exceptional success so you can apply these practices to your own mobile marketing strategy.


Our customer, a real money casino gaming company, needed help in keeping their cost-per-acquisition metrics on target. They were experiencing high competition and needed help managing the scope of their search result campaigns. . Additionally, the client faced a considerable challenge regarding their bidding arrangements.

They were struggling to optimize their Apple Search Ads bids for their keywords in a way that would help them achieve their desired goal — users making a first-time deposit (FTD) — while keeping the costs within their target range. This was leading to a high cost-per-goal and affecting their overall advertising efficiency.


Our client leveraged MobileAction’s Smart Bidding tool that uses AI capabilities to optimize their Apple Search Ads campaigns without any manual actions. This tool managed the client's keywords' bids to achieve desired goals and provided real-time bidding updates and optimization recommendations to help the client make informed decisions.


After one month, the Smart Bidding tool was able to decrease the cost-per-goal on search results campaigns to the target level without decreasing the count of first-time deposits. Specifically, the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) was reduced by 25.17% , and the return on advertising spend (ROAS) increased by 31.68%. Moreover, the client achieved a 44.21% increase in new players and a 33.68% increase in total deposits.

Optimize Your Own Mobile Marketing Strategy

Apple Search Ads offer cost-effective ways to increase reach, brand search, and downloads. With MobileAction’s AI-powered Smart Bidding, you can leverage an advanced automation tool designed to manage your Apple Search Ads campaigns and dynamically adjust bids. It takes into account real-time market changes and your predefined goals and budgets within the platform. By setting targets such as optimizing your cost per download (CPA), cost per install (CPI), and return on ad spend (ROAS), Smart Bidding efficiently manages your bids, allowing you to focus on other strategic aspects. The tool can even optimize bidding based on in-app events that are essential to you, like making a first-time deposit, creating a profile, or registering for a free trial.

In addition to adjusting bids based on market changes and your set goals, Smart Bidding also leverages your previous campaign bid history. By analyzing your past bidding performance, Smart Bidding’s AI considers valuable insights and trends to further refine and optimize your bids, ensuring better outcomes for your campaigns.

MobileAction provides comprehensive app store marketing intelligence and seamless AI-powered Apple Search Ads campaign management. Backed by our vast dataset of 5+ million tracked keywords and a library of 70+ million ad creatives from 50+ ad networks, our solutions help you drive more downloads effectively. Maximize your app's success and make data-driven decisions with the MobileAction platform. Learn more about how you can transform your mobile marketing strategy with our AdCreative Studio.

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