Consistent peak Apple Search Ads performance for your customers

Manage Apple Search Ads campaigns with 270+ automations and AI-powered smart tools to ensure you get the best possible results across multiple apps.
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Consistent peak Apple Search Ads performance for your customers
Manage multiple campaigns for several apps at once within a single dashboard
A single customizable dashboard to track pre and post-install performance metrics, automate optimization, and generate custom reports for each of your customers.
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Skip the manual work — focus more on creating campaigns that resonate with users
270+ timely, customized automation rules to manage your bids based on your different cost KPIs.
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Convert high-intent users while spending less to achieve a higher ROI
Sit back and let our AI uncover high-intent keywords, optimize your bids in real-time, and monitor the health of your account so that you can be sure every dollar spent is bringing you the highest ROI.
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Set yourself up for success with high-intent keyword and market insights
Get exclusive keyword recommendations and market insights to empower your campaigns with data-driven decision-making.
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How Moburst Increased New Downloads by 80%

Given that we have multiple campaigns on Apple Search Ads for every client, the optimization became much more efficient with! Our time to overview the performance and to take action became shorter and easier. We track our KPIs and deliver better results because we can look into issues on time, and adjust the bids quickly to ensure we deliver great performance. By using, we were able to save 60% of data collection and campaign management hours and invest them in optimization.

Orad Eldar
Director of Paid Social & Search

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