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How the ism App Revolutionized Advertising with

The “ism” app, under Ahaf LLC, is a renowned name in the photo and video editing industry. Their product, which offers a blend of filters, tools, and frames, has been a game-changer for many users. Anthony Hoang, the Co-Founder, shares their transformative journey with

The Challenge: Time-Consuming Campaign Management

Before collaborating with, the ism app sought to further enhance its approach to keyword research, campaign management, and automation. They felt the need for additional tools and features to streamline their processes. "We were struggling with adjusting bids constantly and monitoring campaigns. We wanted to explore advanced solutions to complement our existing strategies and make our campaigns better regulated," shares Anthony.

The Solution: Leveraging Advanced Capabilities with

Choosing was a strategic decision for the ism app, not only because of the recognized status as an Apple Search Ads partner but, more importantly, for the comprehensive suite of tools and advanced campaign optimization they offered as part of that partnership.

Anthony highlights, " stood out as the sole platform providing comprehensive keyword research tools such as Keyword Advisor, Keyword Auction Insights, and Organic Keyword Hunt. With Keyword Advisor, we can select competitors for tailored suggestions. This resulted in weekly recommendations of 50 unique keywords not used in our campaigns before. Additionally, it provided insights on keyword strength and ensured easy campaign integration with its built-in duplicate keyword checker. The ability to deduplicate keywords from different campaigns/ad groups introduced us to functionalities that enriched our advertising strategy.”

Anthony further notes, “The Smart Bidding and Automations tools are very impressive. They allow our campaigns to run on autopilot, reducing our hands-on operational hours to mere minutes.”

The Result: Reduction in Workload and Improved Outcomes

With the introduction of's keyword research tools, Smart Bidding technology and Automations, the ism app saw a significant reduction in workload. "The integration of these tools was transformative. The Smart Bidding technology and Automations streamlined our operations. Alongside them, the keyword research tools played a crucial role. By refining our keyword strategies with insights from these tools, we strengthened our campaigns and subsequently saw marked improvements in our outcomes," says Anthony.

Smart Bidding, which can optimize towards various goals like CPA, CPI, ROAS and custom goals, has been instrumental in scaling their CPA with minimum effort. The automation rules have minimized manual interventions, and the notification integration with Slack offered by the platform ensures the team is always updated about campaign changes.

"’s keyword exploration tools have simplified our processes. Additionally, the automation capabilities, especially, have been pivotal, allowing our campaigns to achieve optimal results with minimal effort. hasn't just boosted our efficiency for the ism app’s campaigns; it's been central in achieving superior campaign results."

Anthony Hoang

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