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ShyftUp Increased Registration Volume for Evernote by 48% with

ShyftUp is a global, full-service mobile user acquisition agency based in San Francisco. It offers two main services to grow mobile apps’ userbase: Paid User Acquisition and App Store Optimization (ASO).

On the paid user acquisition end, one of the main app promotion channels that ShyftUp leverages is Apple Search Ads. With their ROI-driven approach, they plan and execute custom-tailored advertising campaigns for their partners to maximize the ROI of the marketing efforts.

With App Store Optimization, they unleash the power of organic user growth by giving their partners boosted visibility on the app stores and increasing the conversion rate with A/B tests.

The Challenge before

ShyftUp has been working with Evernote, the leading productivity app, for years. Building the Apple Search Ads strategy for them from scratch, ShyftUp created a comprehensive approach, defined the targets regarding their business goals, and have been executing all of their Apple Search Ads campaigns since then.

Their main challenge with Evernote was to scale the volume while keeping the customer acquisition costs flat, which requires very frequent optimization. Prior to leveraging, they used to optimize the keyword bids and campaigns manually by downloading CSVs from different platforms such as from their measurement provider and keyword tools, and then match the data from each to have a visibility of keyword-level performance in in-app events such as the number of registrations.

As they were spending so much time on manual operations, it would limit the time for strategizing and brainstorming to further optimize the campaigns of their clients.

The Strategy enabled ShyftUp to easily track their keyword and campaign level performances and optimize the campaigns towards their clients’ business goals. Therefore, they saved time and could refocus on developing new strategies focused on scale.

In addition to that, with the help of’s automation feature, they were able to set their optimization rules and took care of the remaining ongoing manual tasks, the key factor to achieve success. Also, automating manual work decreased human error in many parts of the campaign optimization process.

The Result: 48% increase in registration volume for Evernote

With the help of’s optimization platform, ShyftUp not only drastically increased the registration volume by 48% but also reduced the cost-per-registration by 6% in 3 months. As they were already investing significantly with Apple Search Ads, the improvements that came after using brought about a tremendous increase in the number of new users for Evernote.

And as a cherry on top, their operation time was significantly reduced by the help of’s automation feature.

We were able to increase our spending by 48% in 3 months while reducing our cost per registrations with the help of’s automation platform.

Cihan Ilter
User Acquisition Manager

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