Casino Games: Uncovering the Category Highlights in 2022

Check our benchmark report Casino Games: Uncovering the Category Highlights in 2022. we have gathered valuable category insights for Apple Search Ads gasino game ads.

Alperen Nihan
April 10, 2023

We are happy to announce that our benchmark report for the casino games category, including all the insights below and more, is out! To support the app developers and marketers in their decision-making processes, we have gathered valuable category insights for Apple Search Ads casino games ads performed in 2022. All the insights that we have provided are sourced from

The Apple Search Ads platform is designed to connect users actively seeking the most suitable app for their needs with app marketers who want to reach the right audience and maximize their profits.

Before getting into more details, you can find the key metrics and formulas we used in building this report below. 

  • +167M Impressions
  • +13M Taps
  • +9M Installs

Key Apple Search Ads Benchmark Metrics

In 2022, Apple Search Ads announced 2 new ad placements which are the Today tab and product page ads, in addition to the pre-existing Search tab and search results ads. However, only search results are currently available for the casino games category.

casino games
  • Due to seasonal changes and growing competition in the market, the cost of acquiring new customers has increased. 
  • Being more visible and getting more impressions have also become more costly because of the increase in competition. 
  • We have noticed that app marketers are now spending more on brand campaigns as a way to protect their brand keywords and stay ahead of the competition.

Top 10 Storefront Analysis

In our report, we have provided insights about the key metric performances in the top 10 storefronts in search result campaigns. The selection of top storefronts was made by taking the top 10 countries with the highest spending on

User behavior changes in different markets, therefore, it is crucial to know the spending trends of the users in a market, beforehand.

casino games

Here are some key points in the stated storefronts in the years 2021-2022

  • The most significant decrease in TTR was in the Netherlands at 29.6%, and the most significant increase in TTR was in Germany at 21.3%.
  • Japan had the biggest increase in CR with a 4.3%. Therefore, CPA and CPT in Japan had decreased significantly by +50%.

Top Paid Keywords in Casino Games

After analyzing over 5 million keywords using, we have gathered the following keyword insights for the casino games category.

casino games

There is a shift from generic keywords to brand keywords according to the dataset. We can clearly see that brand protection has become an important issue in the casino games category. 

Category-related keywords like “poker” and “blackjack” have lost their popularity and app-specific keywords have taken over their places. 

Top Creatives & Competitor Analysis

Most Used Media Types 

The most preferred media types by top advertisers in the casino games category are video, banner, and image ad creatives in 2022. Moreover, you can examine the distribution of ad networks among 355 distinct apps in our benchmarks report.

Custom Product Pages Analysis

According to the findings we have gathered via, top advertisers in this category have used custom product pages heavily, especially in Q4 2022. 

Here is an example of different approaches that two apps have while targeting the same keyword. You can find these types of valuable keyword strategies covered in our report.

casino games
The default product page and custom product page for the “gambling games” keyword were created by DoubleU Casino.
The default product page and custom product page for the “gambling games” keyword were created by DoubleDown Casino.

In 2022, top advertising apps in the category have tested their ad creatives, added hundreds of keywords in their paid pools, and aimed to increase their reach by using custom product pages. We have looked into these strategies and the outcomes in a detailed way in this report.

You can find detailed information about the category trends, market research for different storefronts, and creative analysis in the report. Click here to download and scale up your Apple Search Ads campaigns.

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