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SplashLearn Saw 160% Uplift in Downloads in New Markets with

SplashLearn, formerly known as SplashMath, produces adaptive learning programs for children to help them gain skills needed in the 21st century. The company was founded in 2011 with only one app available for Grade 3 in the iOS market.

Growing rapidly, they launched individual apps for each grade in both iOS and Android. There are more than 40 million students who have benefitted from SplashLearn so far, and the program is used in 150+ countries. SplashLearn operates with a subscription model.

The program has 4000+ math and reading games, grades ranging from Preschool to Grade 5. What makes this app unique is the adaptive learning algorithm. It personalizes the learning experience for each child and crafts a learning path for them. The curricula offered in SplashLearn are aligned with the curricula of four major countries currently: the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. They’re planning to make this program available in India and other European countries soon.

They've been a valued client of since May 2020.

The Challenge: Monitoring & Scaling Campaigns

SplashLearn has been using Apple Search Ads since 2016. As an ROI-driven company, the optimization of their UA channels was imperative for them, and they wanted to do it in the most efficient way possible in Apple Search Ads.

The SplashLearn team was targeting many keywords in different countries with the recommended campaign structure: Brand, Competitor, Discovery, and Generic. To be able to optimize the campaigns, they had to pull the data from the Apple Search Ads dashboard and their Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) and match the data from both sources on a Google Sheet. Around that time, they had 10 ad groups on average per campaign, and they were able to optimize only one campaign group in a given day with this labor-intensive approach. So, it was a challenge for them to speed up the optimization process to meet their goals.

Another challenge was keeping an eye on the bids and viewing the performance of the keywords, ad groups, campaigns, and even countries as a whole to make comparisons. They created a local dashboard to overcome the reporting issues. However, drilling down from campaigns all the way to the keyword level was still difficult. They also needed to report on ROI-related important metrics such as ROAS and LTV on many different levels, which was a challenge they needed to overcome to optimize their campaigns.

The final issue was about scaling. SplashLearn wanted to find new keyword opportunities by conducting keyword research. They also wanted to know how they’re performing for each keyword compared to their competitors in Apple Search Ads. This was not only crucial for their Apple Search Ads strategy, but also for ASO as well since they also wanted to target well-performing keywords in ASO to increase their organic ranking.

The Solution:’s Integrated Dashboard

SplashLearn connected their Apple Search Ads account and MMP to and matched all the metrics coming from two accounts in one intuitive dashboard. This way, they were able to easily access all their important metrics and compare the performance of each keyword, ad group, campaign, and country without having to use many Google Sheets. As a cherry on the top, all the optimization processes were automated with’s Automation Rules feature.

SplashLearn was able to download all the reports at once without having to switch accounts. With the advanced dashboard of, they were also able to decrease the time spent optimizing all their campaigns along with their entire Apple Search Ads funnel from several days to only one.

With’s Keyword Planner, SplashLearn was able to compare their Apple Search Ads performance with those of competitors. The Keyword Auction Insights feature enabled them to see their competitors’ share of voice for their target keywords.

When they were planning to run ads on a certain keyword, they were able to know who were the top 3 players getting the most impression shares for that keyword and how that percentage changes once they start running Apple Search Ads on those keywords with

They have also utilized MobileAction’s ASO Intelligence to do extensive keyword research to find which keywords their competitors are targeting organically to increase their scale.

The Results: 160% Uplift in Downloads

After they started using, SplashLearn restructured their campaigns and conducted extensive keyword research to scale in new markets. As a result of the optimization efforts with the Account Management team at, SplashLearn was able to get a 160% uplift in the downloads for the new markets they were targeting.

With, they were also able to analyze which keywords provide higher TTRs on which app, and they used that intelligence to come up with a keyword list to increase their TTR. With the keyword intelligence tools of MobileAction &, they have reported a 40% uplift in the TTR for one of the major markets.

Having found that Apple Search Ads delivers superior results for them with’s automated dashboard and keyword features, SplashLean will continue to enhance the learning experience of many children all around the world.

With’s automation features and intuitive dashboard, we were able to get a 160% uplift in downloads in new markets. Team is also very quick to give high-quality support and roll out new features which we have asked for.

Mithun Jhawar
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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