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How Madit saved 40 min every day with

Madit is one of the most famous app marketing agencies in Korea. Founded in 2011, they have key clients from various industries such as Finance, Beauty, Commerce, and O2O. Getting an investment of $11M in 2018, the company is rapidly growing its business.

Madit uses to better serve its clients since October 2019.

The Challenge before

For an app marketing agency, Apple Search Ads is a non-stop process. To meet the needs of the clients, Madit had to constantly keep an eye on the campaign operations and intervene when they foresee a problem even at weekends. As they deal with the Apple Search Ads campaigns of multiple apps and accounts, making changes one by one would take too much time and hinder the operational efficiency.

The Strategy

Automation rules feature of came in handy for Madit to cut down the workload to a great extent and operate all Apple Search Ads campaigns more efficiently. With some simple rule setups, they were able to control the bidding price of each ad group automatically even at the weekends and had more time to work on optimization and strategy building.

The Results after

With the effective use of automation rules, Madit has been able to save about 40 minutes every day. Overall, they were able to ease the campaign operating process and optimized Apple Search Ads campaigns better to cater to the needs of their clients. made us save about 40 minutes every day when we operated the campaign.

Minkyu Jeon
Senior Manager

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