Success Stories powers up IGG with a 15% install uplift and a 38% decrease in CPI

IGG, also known as I Got Games, is a leading game developer and publisher with popular titles such as Vikings Rise, Doomsday, and Lords Mobile. Li’ang Bian, the Advertising Manager, and Meiren Li, the Advertising Director, manage the company’s app growth marketing strategies. Their goal was to maximize game visibility and user acquisition on Apple Search Ads, a mission that requires innovative solutions.

The Challenge: Overcoming one-size-fits-all in Apple Search Ads

Li’ang Bian shared that before partnering with MobileAction’s, IGG faced significant challenges with their Apple Search Ads campaigns. They were using a “one-campaign for everything” strategy that made it difficult to optimize advertising activities. “This approach led to difficulties in identifying high-performing keywords and placements in different storefronts, directly impacting our ability to scale and achieve better outcomes,” Li’ang said. This simplified strategy was holding back the company’s advertising potential, affecting daily operations and the ability to grow.

The Solution: Utilizing expertise for superior campaign management

Seeking to overcome these challenges, IGG turned to MobileAction’s Meiren Li highlighted the effect of the team’s knowledge and the platform’s analytics and management capabilities, which were designed to enhance Apple Search Ads campaigns. “What really influenced our choice was the know-how of the MobileAction team on Apple Search Ads, along with automation tools and insights into keywords and placements that were previously unattainable for us,” Meiren explained. Smart Bidding for advanced automation and Budget Allocation for automated budget distribution changed IGG’s campaign management process.

The Result: 15% increase in installs, a decrease in CPI in multiple regions

The partnership with led to impressive results for IGG. “Since integrating into our workflow, we’ve seen a 15% increase in installs with a decrease in our costs in multiple regions,” Li’ang reported. There have been standout achievements that took place in 3 months for the Doomsday and Lords Mobile titles.

  • The CPI for Doomsday in Europe dropped from $21 to $13, marking about a 38% decrease.
  • For Lords Mobile in the US, the CPI was reduced from $10.89 to $8.37, about a 23% decrease.

The MobileAction team’s support was also crucial, providing personalized bi-weekly training sessions and transferring know-how and best practices on Apple Search Ads. “We weren’t aware of how big of an opportunity we were missing with the structure we implemented; MobileAction team empowered us to leverage the platform’s full potential as well as Apple Search Ads as a channel,” added Li’ang.

Li’ang emphasized the impact of on their daily work, stating, “ has changed how we approach Apple Search Ads campaigns; now I have more time for building the strategy and creative aspects.”

Both Li’ang and Meiren endorsed to anyone looking to enhance their Apple Search Ads campaigns, stating that “ Its range of features, coupled with exceptional support and expertise, make MobileAction a must-have partner for achieving better outcomes with Apple Search Ads.”

IGG’s experience with shows the platform’s role and the MobileAction team’s expertise in enabling game developers and publishers to optimize their advertising efforts and achieve remarkable growth and efficiency.

“Prior to engaging with MobileAction, we were running a simplified “one-campaign for everything” strategy for our Apple Search Ads, which significantly held back our ability to optimize our marketing activities. With MobileAction’s products and expertise, we were able to implement a much clearer structure to our campaigns and identify opportunities in the keywords & placements we invest in.”

Meiren Li
Advertising Director

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