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Caret Games Doubles the Install Volume with

Caret Games is a Korean mobile MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) developer. Having been invested by Softbank Ventures in 2017, the company is currently expanding its service area beyond Korean Market.

They have been using since October 2019.

The User Acquisition Challenge

As a fast-growing company in the global arena, Caret Games needed to maintain the inflow of users and increase its brand recognition. In addition to the organic growth methods, they needed a more effective channel to increase the visibility and acquire more users. Hence, Apple Search Ads was the most cost-effective paid channel for the additional push that the company needed in user acquisition. However, Caret Games needed a more automated platform to cut down the time spent on manual work.

The Strategy

They used automated rules of to keep their campaigns optimized. They have also been able to save a great deal of time which they utilized for polishing their Apple Search Ads strategy to achieve further gains.

As the game business is highly competitive, getting intelligence on competitors’ keywords is essential to achieve outstanding results in Apple Search Ads. For that purpose, Caret Games effectively used Keyword Auction Insights to keep an eye on its competitors’ paid keywords and adjusted its strategy accordingly.

The Results

Through’s automation rules, Caret Games was able to reduce CPI by 22%. Effective optimization tactics have resulted in the install volume to be doubled in less than 2 months.

They were also able to track competitor’s keywords to be informed about their every move by using keyword intelligence tools of can track the competitor’s bidding keywords and manage our campaign on Automation Rule. We felt like hiring a new Apple Search Ads marketer!

Jams Kim
Chief Executive Officer

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