What's new on Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API 4.4?

In June 2022, Apple Search Ads released the latest version of Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API 4.

Talip Sencan
August 11, 2022

In June 2022, Apple released the latest version of Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API 4.

With this release, Apple had three titles changed:

  • Search Tab campaigns shifted to the Cost-per-Click pricing model.

Prior to 4.4, your search tab campaigns were priced based on the Cost-per-Thousand (CPM) model. Now, with the Cost-per-Click (CPC) model, it is calculated by dividing your total spend by the number of clicks your ad has received.

The reason why you should care about this change is you can now bid competitively without worrying about overspending because you only pay for clicks that are more likely to be coming from high-intent users. 

  • Lifetime budget is optional.

New campaigns now require a daily budget, a lifetime budget or both.

  • Campaigns can have a start and end date.

You can now set a start and end time for your campaigns. If you don’t put a start time, the campaign defaults to the campaign request timestamp. You can also update start and end times until you reach the designated time.

According to these latest changes mentioned above, we have also updated our platform to keep you up with this fast-changing environment and serve best at your ever-changing needs.

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