Optimize Your Campaign Management with our Smart Bidding

The Smart Bidding tool basically evaluates the performance of the campaigns and gives bid change suggestions. You can read our article for more information.

Irmak Karademir
May 25, 2022

Apple Search Ads, without a doubt, is the best place to run ads.

It is effective since users see your ad when they are the most inclined to a download, meaning when they are searching for an app.

It is efficient since you can segment your target audience with ad variations and display more relevant ads.

All you have to do is to find the right keywords and adjust your bids daily to make the most out of them.

Sound easy.

smart bidding
Campaign Structure

But the real question is, how do you plan to get around this process when you have tens of campaigns and thousands of keywords to manage, and millions of app store actions to track every day?

Well, we have just the tool you need. 

Dominate the Market with our Smart Bidding

As SearchAds.com, we've had in total more than 500 Million USD Apple Search Ads spending going through on our platform for the past 2 years. So, we have quite a market knowledge and also a massive dataset. We use our market expertise and dataset to make sure SearchAds.com is an ever-improving campaign management platform that provides the best solutions for its users to reach their Apple Search Ads goals. That being said, our new feature, Smart Bidding will make it a lot easier to manage Apple Search Ads campaigns.

How does it work?

The Smart Bidding tool basically evaluates the performance of the campaigns and gives bid change suggestions. The idea behind this tool is to take advantage of the huge dataset we have, analyze the actions that have been taken in the market and their results to come up with the best strategy for each unique situation so that you won't have to spend manual time to monitor your campaigns and keep creating/updating rules based on the current performance of the campaigns.

To give a bit more details, we have different goals including scaling up the traffic and optimizing the costs. Once we choose our goal and specify our KPI, our AI model analyzes every bid change that’s been made within the account as well as the changes in CPT and Impression amount to see the correlation between the actions and the performance. Then, our model generates different actions for different conditions to realize the goal. As the model keeps taking action and learning from the results of the actions, the actions will differ and adjust accordingly.

The First Results

As SearchAds.com and Client Partners team, we’ve been utilizing it internally and we’ve achieved great results with the users we’ve tested it. For instance, with one of our users, we tripled the D1 ROAS and managed to increase the Impression volume by 9.7% within just 5 weeks.

Initially, we chose our goal as both improving ROAS and increasing the traffic. Then we input the campaigns into our model and have it analyze the campaigns and their performance. Afterward, our model generated the necessary actions with the ideal lookback windows and action frequencies and started taking the actions. As the performance and trend of the campaigns change, our AI model changed the actions as well to bring the best results.

Smart Bidding is now live and ready for you to outclass your competitors. Schedule a demo with our experts now and learn more about Smart Bidding and other innovative tools that will boost your mobile growth!

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