Quick Campaign Setup: Build Apple Search Ads Campaigns in 3 Clicks!

What’s better is that Quick Campaign Setup and Smart Notifications are free tools. All you need to do is sign up free and start boosting your downloads.

Talip Sencan
October 7, 2022

If you are new to Apple Search Ads, building campaigns can be challenging.

You probably think about:

  • How to setup your campaigns
  • How to find keywords to bid on?
  • Which keywords to focus on?
  • How to monitor your performance
  • What is the optimal bid level for each keyword?
  • How can I make the most of my ad budget?

To answer these, you have to complete days-long keyword and market research. Let's be honest, this process is difficult. 

The good news is, you can now go live with your Apple Search Ads campaigns in just 3 clicks!  

Join the Competition with Quick Campaign Setup

Forget about complex campaign structures.

Here's what you need to do.

Step 1:

Apple Search Ads Campaigns
Step 1
  • Choose an app and one storefront. 
  • Set your Daily Budget.
  • Say your brand keyword.
  • Click “Next”.

Step 2:

By analyzing the market and your competitors, the algorithm will start generating keywords for your campaign. So you can get proven methods and begin your Apple Search Ads journey with quick wins.    

Apple Search Ads Campaigns
Step 2

After deciding on your keywords, your budget will be allocated through these campaigns. Your keywords will also be assigned a Max CPT Bid which is based on your categories benchmarks and you can also edit this value according to your strategy.

Step 3:

Apple Search Ads Campaigns
Step 3

You can also edit your ad group settings where you can customize your target audience by clicking on the campaign name. Once you are happy with your campaign settings, click "Create Campaign".

Congrats, you just built your Apple Search Ads Campaign! 

Here is how Quick Campaign Setup will help you grow your app:

  • Get in the competition right away and increase your revenue.
  • Don't waste your time and money waiting, earn while you learn about Apple Search Ads. 

OK, now you are set! 

But how do you make sure your campaigns are always performing at their best? 

Which campaigns are underperforming? So you eliminate waste and shift your budget to high-performing ones. 

Which keywords bring the highest ROI? So, you increase your bid to get more impressions and downloads.

With Smart Notifications, you can scale your ad budget with confidence, knowing that your campaigns are tracked 24/7.

Smart Notifications: 

  • Informs you of sudden changes in your impressions, spending, upload rates, and CPAs.  
  • Recommend actions tailored to each alert to optimize your campaign performance. 

What's better is that Quick Campaign Setup and Smart Notifications are free tools. All you need to do is sign up free and start boosting your downloads. 

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