Maximize Your Apple Search Ads Performance with Ad Variations

You can create up to 35 Custom Product Pages through App Store Connect with different promotional texts, screenshots, and app previews to engage better with your audience.

Talip Sencan
March 23, 2022

App marketers have long struggled with utilizing a single product page to convert various groups of users with different intents and expectations. With the launch of Custom Product Pages in the App Store & Apple Search Ads, marketers can now align their store listing with different audience segments, which will improve conversion rates and lower user acquisition costs.

Why You Should Benefit from Custom Product Pages in Apple Search Ads

The value offered by Custom Product Pages is straightforward. The main challenge prior to iOS 15 was trying to convince a user to download your app with a product page that was not necessarily aligned with the ad creative or keyword group that led the user to your landing page.

Especially for apps with various functionalities and value propositions, this was a limiting factor. Being unable to emphasize different features or content to users puts downward pressure on conversion rates. With custom product pages, marketers can create personalized funnels for different audiences. 

By aligning your visual assets and messaging according to different keyword groups and users in Apple Search Ads, it is possible to create a consistent user experience from impression to install, improving your conversion rates. By leveraging App Store connect data, you can also analyze your performance at the campaign level to gain insights into your UA funnel.

Setting Up Ad Variations

You can create up to 35 Custom Product Pages through App Store Connect with different promotional texts, screenshots, and app previews to engage better with your audience. You can match your ad groups with different CPPs, and align your assets depending on your keyword themes and audience refinements. users can now manage their ad variants through Ads Manager. Ad variant analytics can also be easily displayed within the dashboard in the Ads layer. 

UA managers can also link ad groups with the Custom Product Pages already created through App Store Connect to create ad variations.

How to Leverage Apple Search Ads Ad Variations to Maximize Conversion Rates

If you are following the recommended Apple Search Ads structure where your ad groups focus on different keyword themes thus intent, you can expect Ad Variations to especially impact your non-branded keyword performance. 

You can easily provide a more consistent and relevant experience to users coming from generic keywords, which will in turn increase your performance. Once your conversion and cost metrics improve, you can bid even more competitively, capitalizing on new scaling opportunities. 

Travel apps are a great way to demonstrate some possible applications of CPPs in Apple Search Ads. Certain apps such as TripAdvisor have various functionalities, such as travel planning, hotel booking, tourist guides, and so on. 

Consider these simplified ad groups. TripAdvisor can align its screenshots with these different themes to boost conversion rates. In other words, if a user is looking for ways to plan their next trip with an app, TripAdvisor will not have to display hotel booking-related screenshots, and instead, prioritize functionalities related to the intent of the keyword.

ad variations
Travel Theme
ad variations
Hotel Theme

As you can see, with such implementation, Custom Product Pages will be one of the most valuable tools for app marketers in the App Store. It is best to start experimenting with CPPs in Apple Search Ads as soon as possible. Rather than trying to create 35 variations at once, it will be more reasonable to start slowly for UA and creative teams.

You can also organize and group your existing screenshots for different themes rather than starting from scratch (if possible).

There is no doubt that CPPs are a great opportunity to increase your ROAS in Apple Search Ads, a platform that was already focused on contextual advertising. With CPP’s the effectiveness of Apple Search Ads as a UA channel can only increase.

If you would like to learn more about CPPs and how you can manage Apple Search Ads in a smarter way, feel free to schedule a call with our Client Partners and start making the most out of your advertising budget!

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