Why You Should Leverage Custom Product Pages for Apple Search Ads

In this article you can find why you should leverage custom product pages for Apple Search Ads.

Talip Sencan
September 28, 2022

The answer is simple: a higher return on investment.

Let’s assume your goal is to get 100 downloads a day.

  • Approach A - you advertise at random. No plan, no target audience, nothing.
  • Approach B - you advertise for your target audience in the right place and with the right message.

To be honest, you can achieve your goal with both. However, you'll most likely spend 10x more on Approach A.

You wouldn’t prefer this option so let’s talk more about Approach B: Apple Search Ads and Custom Product Pages. 

Why Apple Search Ads?

Apple Search Ads is the highest-intent ad platform, as you show your ads directly to people looking for an app like yours. Therefore, your ratio for taps/impressions will be significantly higher than your ratio in other advertising channels.

Why Custom Product Pages?

Users will decide whether to download your app by looking at your original product page. However, you can lead more users to your product page if you provide customized creative assets.

Above, we see the product page designs of BoohooMan and PrettyLittleThing. 

  • Both clothing apps
  • Similar value propositions
  • Different product page designs 

Because one targets men and the other targets women. 

This is Sales 101, right? 

Everybody knows you should talk from your customers' perspectives. So yes, a product page reflecting your target audience is what you should strive for. 

But there is more.

Your target audience has subgroups, and you have so little time to engage with them. 

  • The user's attention span is estimated to be around 3 Seconds, which means that inaccurate creative assets or even wrong content alignment can cost you more.

Apple allows you to create up to 35 Custom Product Pages. You can also leverage them in Apple Search Ads to show creatives relevant to search terms. This way, your TTR and download volume can go up substantially.  

Let's see two scenarios where you can leverage Custom Product Pages to increase your ROAS.

Scenario 1: Users searching for a Specific Feature

  • Search Term: Exercise Apps.
  • The intent of the Search Term is to find workout programs. Your app might have other features, such as calorie tracking, but users who searched for this term primarily look for workout programs.
  • Search Popularity Score: 45 
  • 45 is a high search volume. Therefore, apps ranking at the top can reach out to many users, and the right approach can turn this reach into downloads and boost revenue. 
  • Top Advertiser: EvolveYou: Fitness for Women
  • EvolveYou gets 63% of the impression share for this search term. This means EvolveYou is the first app that most users see. In other words, the one with the highest chance of getting a download.

So far, everything is great for EvolveYou. However, their creative assets can make or break their success.

custom product pages
EvolveYou I

EvolveYou might use these three creatives for this paid keyword. However, these give the impression of a motivation or calorie tracking app rather than a workout app. And just like that, EvolveYou would lose the precious 3 seconds to grab users’ attention and miss potential high-intent taps.

custom product pages
EvolveYou II

With these three, EvolveYou can lead users to their original product page at a significant rate because they are highlighting exactly what users are searching for. 

Scenario 2: Addressing Sub-segments

custom product pages
Search by App
  • Search Terms: Spanish terms related to “game”
  • There are many Spanish-speaking users in the U.S. This is why CSR 2 targets these paid keywords in their Apple Search Campaign for the United States.
  • CSR 2 gets the most impression share for these paid keywords.
  • These are high-intent paid keywords as they target a specific user base. CSR 2 as the top search result will probably convert these users at a high rate.
custom product pages

Targeting Spanish keywords in their U.S campaign is a wise move by CSR 2. Why limit the impact of this by showing the creatives in English?

custom product pages

Instead, CSR 2 can address its Spanish-speaking audience in the U.S with these creatives. It wouldn’t be crazy to assume users searching in Spanish would better engage with creatives in Spanish, right?

How to leverage Custom Product Pages for maximum growth in Apple Search Ads?

Remember in Approach B, there are no random acts. Therefore, the first step is Research.

  • Who are your top competitors?
  • What are the visual trends that you can use to highlight your value propositions?
  • Which keywords would bring high-quality users?
  • How should you group your keywords to maximize your click-through rates?

How MobileAction&SearchAds.com can help you answer these questions to boost your ROAS:

  • Find your competitors with Search Ads Intelligence: See top advertisers in your category or bidders for your brand keywords to easily determine your top competitors.
  • Uncover the Creative Trends with Creative Asset Hub: Discover the top creative assets in your category to fine-tune yours.
  • Get High-Intent Keywords with SearchAds.com: Leverage the massive data to find popular and high-intent paid keywords.
  • Consult our Client Partners: Leverage our team of industry experts to manage your paid keywords and Custom Product Pages. 

Schedule a call with us now to learn more about our products that will skyrocket your app growth!


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