Automate Apple Search Ads campaigns with strategic templates: Automations 2.0

Discover Automations 2.0: Transform Apple Search Ads with strategic, AI-powered templates for optimized campaign management, efficiency, and growth.

Elis Furtun
February 19, 2024

Automations are the core of optimized and successful Apple Search Ads campaign management. The reason is that manual campaign management can be error-prone and time-consuming. Trying to keep up with all the campaigns, metrics, and bids may become the hardest task of the day, and this is why we use automations. However, in this crowded app market, common automation tools are not enough for app growth professionals who want to achieve the best results. What you need is to apply your strategy directly using already prepared templates to overcome your challenges. This is why we improved our Automations tool, and we proudly introduce Automations 2.0, where you can infuse strategic intelligence into every click.

Simplify campaign management while maximizing impact

Automations 2.0 serves as an advanced strategic toolkit, enabling users to swiftly select and use pre-designed templates made to address distinct marketing challenges. By simply setting a goal and activating the related automation template, Automations 2.0 seamlessly takes over, managing impressions and costs behind the scenes. 

Another standout feature of Automations 2.0 is its multi-layer, condition-based campaign automation capability. This system facilitates targeted optimization across keywords, ad groups, and entire campaigns, initiating actions based on upper-level conditions. For example, it might only increase a keyword bid if the overall campaign costs remain under the daily budget limit, thus demonstrating a strategic allocation of resources. This approach introduces a degree of complexity and strategic depth to campaign optimization, ensuring that every decision is not just automated but aligned with a broader strategic framework.

Automations 2.0 is not just a simple automations tool; it goes beyond that with multi-layer campaign automation templates, enabling a direct leap from insights to impactful action. It comprises strategy-driven templates designed to address your needs and solve your main pain points. In simple terms, for every goal, Automations 2.0 has more than 20 ready-to-use templates, and all you need to do is click on your template to start taking action. Whether increasing your app's presence, smartly managing budgets, strategically securing your brand, or discovering new keyword opportunities with optimized bids, Automations 2.0 has you covered. There are different templates designed for various scenarios. We have developed strategies for your campaigns for you to achieve more than just saving time as regular automations enable; we want you to unlock the full potential of your marketing strategy.

Automations 2.0: The answer to all your app growth challenges

Managing Apple Search Ads campaigns manually can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Everyone can make mistakes, and it is normal to miss out on a change, especially while managing Apple Search Ads campaigns because there are many metrics to follow at the same time. This is why we designed Automations 2.0, to simplify this process with AI-powered templates and turn time-consuming tasks into automated, strategic actions.

Here are some challenges app growth and user acquisition managers usually deal with and how Automations 2.0 solves them:

  • One challenge is that traditional campaign management often reacts to market changes, missing the window for optimal adjustments. With Automations 2.0, campaigns are dynamically adjusted in anticipation of market trends, keeping your strategy a step ahead.
  • Without smart tools, it's easy to spend budget on underperforming keywords or miss out on optimizing bids for high-performing ones. There are many keywords to follow even within a single app but with strategic, condition-based automations, your budget is always optimized for the best returns. You can choose one of MobileAction’s templates on budget protection and be sure you never spend your budget on unnecessary keywords with no return. 
  • Identifying and acting on new keyword opportunities before competitors is a crucial task for better campaign management. Automations 2.0 proactively identifies untapped keyword opportunities, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive landscape.
  • Sifting through vast amounts of campaign data for actionable insights is complex and time-intensive. Automations 2.0 turns complex data into clear, actionable strategies with its AI-driven analysis, making data-driven decisions easy and quick.
  • Moreover, in a competitive marketplace, maintaining brand visibility and protection against aggressive competitors is challenging, but Automations 2.0 employs sophisticated automations to defend and enhance your brand's presence, ensuring it stands out against competitors.

3 tips on how to benefit from Automations 2.0

  1. Bid adjustment and competitor tracking are foundational to campaign management. You need to monitor your competitors daily and continuously adjust your bids to ensure your spend is effective. Consider a scenario where your competitors have increased bids on brand keywords, leading to a surge in expenses due to the second auction model of Apple Search Ads. In the competitive landscape, these issues might be overlooked, potentially resulting in budget overspending on strategies that don't yield returns. However, MobileAction's Automations 2.0 can identify these issues for you, securing your brand and preventing budget overruns. It protects your brand keywords while also distributing your budget effectively among various keywords.

  1. Imagine a situation where your direct competitors are missing out on certain high-potential keywords, creating a gap in the market. Without a proactive approach, these opportunities could remain undiscovered, leading to immobile campaign performance. However, MobileAction's Automations 2.0 excels in this by automatically detecting these overlooked keyword opportunities and crafting an expansion strategy on your behalf. The system not only identifies gaps left by your competitors but also sets up targeted paid ads to capitalize on these opportunities, ensuring your campaigns are always optimized. This strategic automation ensures optimal resource allocation, maximizing your campaign's reach without the need for constant manual oversight.

  1. Integrating organic and paid marketing efforts is a game changer for a holistic campaign strategy. When your app performs well organically, it might be strategic to adjust your paid advertising spend to optimize overall marketing efficiency. Think of a scenario where your app's organic growth allows for a reallocation of resources from paid campaigns to other areas of your marketing strategy. This balancing act often requires careful planning and continuous adjustment to maintain momentum. MobileAction's Automations 2.0 facilitates this integration seamlessly. By enabling you to craft and implement a strategy that leverages your organic success to fine-tune your paid efforts, Automations 2.0 ensures that your marketing budget is always aligned with your current goals and market position, thereby enhancing the overall impact of your marketing initiatives without manual intervention.

Discover the Automations 2.0 effect

Automations 2.0 by MobileAction marks a significant step forward in Apple Search Ads campaign management, providing a tool that goes beyond traditional automation. From simplifying complex campaign management processes to proactively identifying untapped keyword opportunities, Automations 2.0 ensures that every aspect of your campaign is optimized for success. Its AI-powered, condition-based approach makes it easier for marketers to achieve their goals without the time-consuming manual effort, ultimately unlocking the full potential of their marketing strategies.

Increase your app’s visibility, optimize your budgets, secure your brand position and discover different solutions with MobileAction’s strategy-driven automation templates. Achieve more than just saving time; unlock the full potential of your marketing strategy with Automations 2.0. Book a demo now with our experts, and let’s talk about how our automations can take your app to where it deserves to be.

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