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Talip Sencan
October 14, 2021

Are you running Apple Search Ads? Based on Singular’s report, Apple Search Ads was the fastest-growing ad network in 2021. More advertisers are turning to Apple Search Ads for user acquisition on the App Store every day. Due to the ad placement and the potential of finding high-quality users, we are witnessing increased competition in the platform each day.

With many different performance metrics to track, optimizing Apple Search Ads campaigns is essential if you want to start scaling your efforts. Thus, making sure your campaigns are running smoothly and efficiently is crucial for reaching your true potential. But where do you start?

Well, you can instantly get 9 different performance reports based on your Apple Search Ads activities with SearchAds.com’s Free Audit. By simply connecting your Apple Search Ads account, you get 9 different reports tailored to your account and are full of recommendations to improve your campaigns.

How  to Improve your Apple  Search Ads Performance with our Audit

  • Find out Hidden Abnormalities

Instantly discover inefficiencies within your strategy from duplicate keywords to underutilized campaigns.      

  • Get Recommendations to Optimize Your Apple Search Ads Campaigns

See where you stand against the competition and better manage your Apple Search

Ads spend in a sustainable and scalable way.

  • Track Your Performance with Smart Alerts

Effortlessly track your advertising activity and keep in touch with our Smart Alerts.

Now, it’s time to increase your brand presence and master user acquisition in the App Store. Get a quick Apple Search Ads Audit and start scaling your campaigns!

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