App Store Search Tab Ads: Everything You Should Know

Apple Search Ads has released a new feature called App Store Search tab ads which creates new opportunities for user acquisition.

Talip Sencan
May 12, 2021

Millions of people visit the App Store every day. Naturally, these users have a high potential for downloading an app. Leveraging this situation allowed Apple Search Ads to become one of the most powerful user acquisition channels in the industry. Now, Apple Search Ads has released a new feature called App Store Search tab ads which creates new opportunities for user acquisition.

For a few years now, app marketers have been working on their Apple Search Ads strategy and contemplating how to optimize Apple Search Ads for their marketing efforts. As of today, they can start utilizing App Store Search tab ads to extend the reach of their campaigns even more. So what are Search tab ads and how can you use it to grow your business?

Ad Placement 

Let’s start with ad placement. As you might already know, Apple Search Ads made ads appear on top of the search results page. With Search tab ads, impressions will be received even before the user searches for a term.

Ads will feature an app title, icon, and subtitle. Considering the number of people that visit this page every hour, it seems that Search tab ads will have the potential to drive tons of impressions. It should be noted that Search tab ads are only available for Apple Search Ads Advanced users


It is likely that advertisers will want to target certain groups of people to increase their tap-through rates. Just as you can set demographic targetings for any ad groups, you can target your  Search tab ads as well. You can tailor your campaign to target:

  • Device Type (iPad, iPhone)
  • Customer Type (All Users, New Users, Returning Users, Users of Your Other Apps)
  • Location
  • Demographics (Age, Gender)
  • Date, Time & Week

Campaign Setup

If you actively manage Apple Search Ads, you are probably wondering how the bidding system and parameters will work for Search tab ads. Luckily it is not too different compared to the usual Apple Search Ads Advanced campaign setup.

Simply create a new campaign, choose ad placement (in this case Search tab ads), and specify the regions you want your campaign to run in. Next, name your campaign and set a budget. As discussed in Apple Search Ads best practices, setting a daily budget is also recommended as it allows you to spread your spending more evenly.

After setting up your campaign, you will start creating your ad groups. You need to set the maximum amount you are willing to pay accordingly. The actual price that you have to pay depends on the actual action results as usual.

After deciding on your bid level, set demographic targeting and the date & time your campaign will run in and you are done. After you create your campaign you can monitor your performance through your Apple Search Ads dashboard as usual.

We hope that this brief Apple Search Ads guide will help you to start utilizing Search tab ads in a confident way. Search tab ads seem to be a great opportunity to increase your Apple Search Ads revenue. will keep helping its users navigate the Apple Search Ads environment in the most profitable way as always. If you also would like to leverage our Apple Search Ads automation tools and more, schedule a demo with our experts today!

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