4 Apple Search Ads Tips That Will Save You Time

If you did not run Apple Search Ads in 2021, now, It is time to review our mobile app user acquisition strategies and prepare for the new year.

Talip Sencan
July 16, 2021

As you might know, Apple Search Ads is a user acquisition platform where you can promote your app. It allows you to skip the organic line and get to the top of the search results.

It’s a great way to get downloads but as with everything, your Apple Search Ads experience can be made better. Fortunately, we have prepared some useful Apple Search Ads tips for you which will help you save a lot of precious time.  

Now let’s dive into some best practices for Apple Search Ads optimization and check out how SearchAds.com can help you.

1- Find the Right Apple Search Ads Keywords

Let’s start with the importance of finding the right keywords. 

As we all know, most downloads come from searches. When people search for an app in the app store, they encounter a list of apps based on their organic rankings. In the App Store, above these organically ranked apps, you can place your ad, thanks to Apple Search Ads. If you bid the right amount on the relevant keywords to your app, you can get that spot. But still, this process is more complicated than it appears. 

In the market, there may be some apps that offer similar services to your app. These apps are your competitors and naturally, you are all targeting the same users. How do users find your apps? Via keywords. Therefore, the apps that are targeting the right keywords are one step closer to receiving a download. 

However, without a tool, finding these keywords is going to take some serious time. If you could see which keywords your competitors are bidding on, your job might get a little easier. It would be a lot easier if you could analyze the popularity and difficulty of these keywords. This way you could choose the right keywords to run ads on. Well, this is exactly what you can do with our Search Ads Intelligence

Remember, if you find the right keywords, your downloads can grow while your costs go lower.

2- Use Apple Search Ads Automation to Scale With Ease

If we are talking about saving time, what can be better than automation?

When you are promoting an app in the App Store, you are dealing with lots of metrics and data. If you are trying to manage Apple Search Ads manually, you might be spending a considerable amount of time. Since you are tracking lots of keywords for various ad groups and campaigns, constantly optimizing your efforts might get a bit tiring. However, if you use Apple Search ads Automation tools, you can easily scale your campaigns. 

For instance, using SearchAds.com’s automation rules, you can create rules with specific actions and conditions. You can set a rule like this: If the impressions you receive from a certain keyword are not sufficient, you can set an automation rule to automatically increase your bids by a certain amount until you start receiving impressions.

As you can see, this kind of rule will make campaign management a lot easier. With automation, you can increase or decrease your bids. One great application of automation rules can be used for Discovery Campaigns. You can automatically add well-performing keywords that came from your Discovery Campaigns to your exact match campaigns. This way new and effective keywords will be targeted the moment they are discovered. 

Moreover, you can stipulate more than just one condition to your rule. For instance, you can say that if the money spent is greater than X dollars and CPA is less than Y dollars, increase the daily cap by 15%. 

3- Uncover Creative Sets in Seconds

Even though we say this a lot, there is no harm in emphasizing it. You should know your competitors and track their activities. If you know what they are doing, you can plan better and perform better. 

You should especially pay close attention to Creative Sets that your competitors are using. Because creative sets could make all the difference between downloading an app or leaving the product page. An article for Apple Search Ads tips cannot be complete without mentioning creative sets.

Let’s assume that you have a fitness app. Your competitors are using creative sets for some keywords and increasing their chance of receiving a download. You don’t want to stay behind in this competition, and hand your competitors some fruitful users, right? 

As you see, the workout is a keyword with a high search popularity score and some of these apps are running creative sets for it. Therefore, running creative sets for this keyword may be the right choice for your app, too. 

apple search ads creative sets

Plus, when you click the creative sets, you can see what kind of creative sets they are and for which keywords they also appear. This way, you can analyze your competitors and improve your strategies. 

4- Utilize Funnel Tracking to Understand Your Audience

The last part of our Apple search ads tips is Funnel Tracking.

The ability to control every detail of marketing campaigns can significantly reduce your costs. For this matter, understanding your audience is crucial for optimizing your campaigns. With Funnel tracking, you can analyze the performance of your campaigns faster. 

As we all know, the goals of different apps can be different. Some may want subscriptions and some may want app purchases. Funnel tracking allows you to track all the changes from impressions to achieving these custom goals. 

Funnel tracking for optimization
Funnel Tracking

For instance, you are running a campaign for an ad group but it doesn’t reflect the results you want. Or maybe some age groups and genders respond better to your campaign. With funnel tracking, you can easily detect these situations and optimize Apple Search Ads. 

If you would like to scale your Apple Search Ads campaigns the right way, schedule a demo with our experts now! 

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