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July 28th, 02:00 PM EDT

How to Make ASO and Apple Search Ads Work Together

Learn how both practices go hand-in-hand and how to find a balance.

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Did you know that ASO and Apple Search Ads feed off each other? It's the secret sauce of successful apps and, we tell you!

In this webinar, you will find out why you should start combining both approaches in your app marketing strategy right now! Join industry experts from and M&C Saatchi Performance to hear actionable insights, best practices, and strategies.

What You'll Learn:

  • Apple Search Ads' impact on your organic rankings
  • How ASO can lower CPIs and boost your Apple Search Ads performance
  • The key metrics you should look at when measuring the impact on each other
  • How you can make these two approaches work together and win on UA

And much more!

Emre Bilgic

Apple Search Ads Client Partner at

Jonathan Yantz

Managing Partner at M&C Saatchi performance

Lauren Park

Global Head of ASO at M&C Saatchi performance

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