How Remake Reduced Operation Time by 84% with

Success Story

Company Background

Remake Digital Agency is a Korean app marketing agency. As a rising star in the field, they have recently received investment from Kakao Ventures. Remake manages app marketing campaigns to acquire new users for its clients and develops an AI-based ad creative design platform called CROLO.

They’ve started using in October 2019.

The Challenge

For an agency, coming up with the right Apple Search Ads strategy that will maximize the ROAS of the client is crucial. As in organic growth, keyword discovery and selection make up the greatest part for improvement.

To ensure continuous growth, Remake had to find new keywords that would bring the highest ROAS possible. Moreover, not knowing the competitors’ bid keywords and the impression shares was a great challenge in determining the appropriate Apple Search Ads strategy.

The Strategy

Remake has used’s Keyword Auction Insights intensively to discover the competitors’ Search Ads keywords to unveil their strategy. They have also made use of Organic Keyword Hunt to get organic keyword intelligence and automized the bid amounts with automation rules to ease day-to-day operations.

Using search score and chance score metrics, they have found the least competitive and most popular keywords and added them to their campaigns instantly. Hence,’s keyword tools were extremely convenient in crafting a better Apple Search Ads roadmap.

The Outcome: Decreased Operation Time by 84% enabled Remake to save time on various stages in campaign operation such as searching for new keywords and changing bid amounts. With’s keyword tools and automation rules, they have been able to reduce the operation time by 84%. Automation features have also empowered them to constantly improve the campaign results.


After using, we were able to reduce the operation time from 1~2 hours to 10 minutes.

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