Rappi Scales Apple Search Ads Spend by 168% with SearchAds.com

Success Story

Company Background

Founded in 2015, Rappi is an on-demand delivery mobile app that provides a wide range of delivery services for food, groceries, and medications as well as courier service to transport personal belongings.

Headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia, it is currently present in 9 Latin American countries and growing rapidly to help with the economic development in the region by connecting more people to solutions.

Rappi has been a valued client of SearchAds.com since February 2021.

The Challenge: Scaling Apple Search Ads Efficiently

As a food & delivery app running Apple Search Ads in 6 different markets, Rappi was dealing with many campaigns and ad groups simultaneously.

The UA team was trying to optimize the campaigns manually on certain internally developed heuristics. However, they weren’t sure whether these heuristics were optimal. Moreover, optimizing the campaigns for one single market used to take them a full day as they were dealing with many excel sheets to adjust the bid for each keyword manually.

This long process hindered them in a major way in their KPIs: They weren’t able to scale their campaigns efficiently. As it required so much time to make iterations on the bids, the team wasn’t able to ensure they were increasing the spend in a way that will boost their ROI.

The Solution: Smart Automation & Keyword Intelligence

Rappi’s UA Team used SearchAds.com’s Automation feature to effectively automate the manual campaign management process. Instead of using heuristics, they found out the logic that enables them to quickly optimize and scale the campaigns and put that logic into action with the Smart Automation Rules.

As the manual work was out of the way thanks to the Automation features, they were able to use their time more efficiently to do competitor research and spend more on each campaign more efficiently. The Automation technology of SearchAds.com wasn’t just raising the bids based on heuristics, but it was increasing them only if those keywords were performing well in accordance with the team’s KPIs.

They’ve also used MobileAction’s keyword intelligence features to find new keyword ideas and to discover their competitors’ paid and organic keywords, which contributed to their ability to scale.

The Results: Scaled Spend by 168% with 58% Uplift in Installs

With SearchAds.com’s campaign optimization capabilities and MobileAction’s Keyword Intelligence tools, Rappi scaled its Apple Search Ads spending by 168% without exceeding their CPA KPIs. The team also saw a 58% uplift in installs in as short as a month after optimizing with SearchAds.com.

Rappi can now fully leverage Apple Search Ads and target the potential users who are likely to bring the most return with more precision thanks to SearchAds.com’s capabilities.

As the Smart Automation Rules serve like AI Assistants, the UA Managers at Rappi now spend less time on optimizing Apple Search Ads campaigns and more on experimenting with different keyword ideas and new strategies.

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SearchAds.com’s Smart Automation Rules helped us safely scale our spend in Apple Search Ads by 168% with a 58% uplift in incremental installs in a month. Using the keyword tools of MobileAction was also a great boost to our growth with Apple Search Ads.

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