D2C R Decreases CPA by 40% in 2 Weeks with SearchAds.com

Success Story

Company Background

D2C R Inc. is a major marketing agency specializing in mobile marketing. Founded in 2000, the company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. D2C R operates in various mobile marketing areas such as internet advertising and ad technologies.

They are a valued partner of SearchAds.com since May 2019.

The Challenge before using SearchAds.com

D2C R has found that manual operation when managing Apple Search Ads campaigns takes time, making the workload heavy. Moreover, finding the right keywords to achieve a stellar performance in Apple Search Ads was difficult without appropriate keyword tools as keyword discovery is the backbone of paid growth.

Another major challenge was to determine how well a certain keyword has performed as it took time to figure it out by checking the ad tracking tool’s data.

The Strategy

Leveraging the automation feature of SearchAds.com to overcome manual labor in Apple Search Ads operations, D2C R has been able to shorten the PDCA cycle of keywords. They invested the saved time by automation rules into keyword discovery and campaign improvement to better campaign performance.

As SearchAds.com has integration with ad tracking tools, they were able to easily match up numbers with those of tracking tools, eliminating the wasted time.

The Results after SearchAds.com

SearchAds.com’s automation features accelerated the PDCA cycle, with a 40% decrease in CPA in as fast as 2 weeks. Since Keyword Auction Insights feature reveals competitor’s paid keyword strategy, it helped D2C R with CPT and CPA assumptions and the strategy of bidding.

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The frequency of manual control for the bid change has been reduced outstandingly thanks to SearchAds.com’s automation platform. Also, it created more time for digging in keyword discovery, campaign structure, and new trials.

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