How Codeway Scaled Up Their Monthly Apple Search Ads Spend by 800%

Success Story

Company Background

Codeway was founded in 2020, in Istanbul, Turkey with the goal of turning strong ideas into sector-leading mobile apps.

Today, Codeway is among the top subscription app publishers worldwide, with multiple vertical-leading apps.

Codeway is currently in the making of more products, with a specific focus on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and mobile apps. With their soon-to-global launch strategy game Rumble Rivals, Codeway aims to join among the biggest tech companies in the world!


Out of all the different kinds of networks Codeway runs ads in, Apple Search Ads always stood out as the most predictable and risk-free one. On networks such as Facebook, TikTok, or Snapchat, scaling your ad spend is extremely dependent on creatives and machine learning.

On Apple Search Ads, however, these are less important. With the correct campaign setup, you can see decent results from the get-go. And scaling your spend becomes more about solving the operational game rather than your creative input.

In fact, that’s exactly what happened to Codeway. They’ve seen amazing ROAS with the first set of campaigns they launched themselves. Then came a point they wanted to scale their spend and expand to new geos, and that’s where things got complicated.

They wanted to understand the platform and its potential, so they rolled their sleeves and prepared Notion workspaces where they logged each action they took, checked the performance daily, and made the necessary adjustments themselves. Shortly after, things got overly complicated, and they realized that operational management of Apple Search Ads was one thing they really didn’t want to put much human effort into.

The Solution

They knew their target KPIs well. And once you know your KPIs, does an amazing job with the rest. Every action that Codeway previously performed manually was turned into smart rules and automations in the panel. This way they could launch more campaigns, target more countries and keywords, and experiment with new campaign strategies without additional workload.

The Result

We were able to minimize the manual work thanks to’s smart tools and we managed to increase our monthly Apple Search Ads spend by 800% while meeting our ROAS goals.

Codeway Logo has become the backbone of our Apple Search Ads strategy and we’re more than excited to keep this successful trend together.
We’re also working with dedicated Client Partners and Growth Managers who are perfectly aware of our business goals and make sure that we’re following the best possible Apple Search Ads strategy that aligns with those goals.
Using, we increased our monthly Apple Search Ads spend by %800 while meeting our ROAS goals and minimizing manual effort.

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