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How Rec Room Decreased their CPA by more than 45% while lowering their Daily Operation Time

Released in 2016, Rec Room is a social gaming platform where people can chat, hang out and play games with others worldwide. Users can join millions of rooms created by players or build something new and different on their own and share it with others. It’s playable on VR, PC, Playstation, Xbox, iOS, and Android.

They started using in December 2021.

The Challenge: Increasing Productivity to Optimize and Scale Apple Search Ads

Rec Room had clear metrics and targets for their user acquisition activities. Considering they’re dealing with multiple campaigns and hundreds of keywords for each campaign, it was practically impossible to keep track of each metric and campaign, especially with a small team of two.

In this keywords pool, it was challenging to bring down the CPA. They tried to change and modify bids and shift budgets between different campaigns. Campaign optimization aside, they needed help finding new keywords and campaigns that would drive revenue. Other third-party tools couldn’t help them as the keyword-level revenue data was lacking. The lack of visibility was preventing the discovery campaign expansion. They needed a solution to help them with full-funnel reporting, keyword intelligence, and automating Apple Search Ads campaign management.

The Solution:’s Smart Automations and Integrated Dashboard

Rec Room set up’s AI-based automations monitoring, optimizing and scaling their campaigns 24/7. They led these smart automations to monitor and optimize their bids to scale well-performing search terms while minimizing budget waste and maintaining a reasonable CPA level.

With’s Smart Notifications, Rec Room got notified about sudden changes and opportunities in their account. They spotted the irregularities in their campaigns and were presented with recommended actions tailored to their case.

"Thresholds are the same, but now, thanks to, a machine is monitoring our Apple Search Ads campaigns’ results, not a human."

Thanks to the automated campaign management, the UA Team at Rec Room increased productivity and saved lots of time. They’re now focusing on the right actions at the right time to maximize ROAS and scale their ad budget.

After integrating their MMP with, Rec Room was able to see their Apple Search Ads and MMP data in one single dashboard. This integration made their data analysis quicker, easier and more reliable. They customized their dashboard to reflect any metrics crucial to their app such as installs and purchases. Analyzing their entire user acquisition funnel from impression to CPA goals, they could make strategic decisions with their budget and optimize their campaigns for both upper-funnel KPIs and post-install events.

"We wanted to see all data in one place from upper funnel to install to make informed decisions. helped us combine the MMP and Apple Search Ads data, allowing us to analyze and visualize the types of information we’re looking for in one platform."

The Result: 45% Decrease in CPA while reducing their operation time

With the help of's smart automation and optimization features, Rec Room decreased their CPA by more than 45% in under five months.

The effective use of these automations enabled Rec Room to reduce their operation time. Overall, they could ease the campaign operating process and optimize Apple Search Ads campaigns to acquire users profitably.

After, the life of the UA Team at Rec Room has changed in such a way that,

"We’re spending much less time on Apple Search Ads because we’re confident that our campaigns are being monitored 24/7 and we will be immediately notified of any important changes. We’re spending more time improving our UA strategy and focusing on Apple Search Ads campaigns that drive revenue."

With’s insightful optimization tools and smart automations, as a team, we reduced the operation time from hours to minutes. At the same time, we decreased CPA by more than 45% in 5 months. We feel like we have a team of Apple Search Ads marketers!

Sabrina Chen
Head of User Acquisition

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