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How Kwalee Scaled Up Their Apple Search Ads By 150%

Founded in 2011 by David Darling, develops and publishes hyper-casual games for iOS and Android and is now expanding to other segments such as mobile casual games and launching on PC and console. Through their games, free to play on mobile devices, they promise a joyful experience with their lively and appealing visuals for everyone. Kwalee has been a valued partner of since August 2021.
With over 800 million downloads across all their games worldwide, Kwalee has recently reached number one for iOS in the US with their game Airport Security.

The Challenge: Strict Targets, Too Many Campaigns, Not Enough Time

Kwalee develops chart-topping hyper-casual games constantly, and they have tight metrics to keep track of in their user acquisition activities. Dealing with multiple apps and campaigns required hours of manual work, which was practically impossible with a small team.
As a hyper-casual game publisher, another major challenge for Kwalee was maintaining their CPA at a reasonable level while trying to scale their Apple Search Ads campaigns. Optimizing hundreds of keywords manually was not an option, and they needed a smarter way of running Apple Search Ads campaigns.

The Solution: Smart Automation Rules & UA Funnel Optimization

With's AI-powered automation rules, Kwalee developed workflows to monitor, optimize and scale up their user acquisition campaigns 24/7. . They created over 100 automation rules which allowed them to capitalize on new growth opportunities while minimizing budget waste and keeping a reasonable CPA level.
As a result of automated campaign management, the team managed to decrease their workload drastically and doubled down on their messaging and campaign strategy..
After integrating their MMP with, Kwalee customized their dashboard to reflect their most important KPIs. Analyzing their entire user acquisition funnel from impression to CPA goals, they were able to make strategic decisions with their budget and optimize their campaigns for both upper-funnel KPIs and post-install events.

The Result: 2x more installs and 150% increase in ad spend

With the help of's smart automation and optimization features, Kwalee has been able to scale up their Apple Search Ads spending by 150% while keeping their CPA at a competitive level. Their monthly installs more than doubled during this time.
Kwalee is now able to take full advantage of Apple Search Ads, making it a crucial acquisition channel in their race to the top charts with every game they release. Indeed, they are planning to extend this increase in spending furthermore by testing out new strategies via

The Smart Automation rules of scaled up our spending on Apple Search Ads. These AI-powered automations helped us find out the right keywords acquiring the most valuable users for each game with much less effort, which allows us to bid more competitively and create more opportunities. After 2 months we had started using, we were spending on average almost 150% more with over 2x times more installs monthly.

Gabriel Silva
User Acquisition Executive

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