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July 16th, 11:30 AM EDT

Tracking and Automating Ad Activities

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Tracking and Automating Ad Activities

In previous episodes of our Ultimate Apple Search Ads Course series, we have successfully built the foundations for a well-structured Apple Search Ads account. Now comes the question; how do you optimize Apple Search Ads campaigns? Are you going to deal with every single KPI and do all the tasks manually? We will be covering how to scale Apple Search Ads and automate your ad activities.

What we'll cover includes:

  • Tracking your campaigns’ performance
  • How to build up your goals based on your in-app events
  • How to create custom metrics
  • Match in-app conversion-related metrics
  • Setting up different goals for different KPIs
  • Best use case scenarios

Yusuf Barutcu

Apple Search Ads Advisor at

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