New Features in Overview Page and Ads Manager Chart

Importance of Apple Search Ads is getting bigger and bigger every day. In this article you will find New Features in Overview Page and Ads Manager Chart.

Irmak Karademir
December 8, 2020

As the importance of Apple Search Ads is getting bigger and bigger every day, tracking and measuring the performance of your Apple Search Ads campaigns is becoming even more crucial for you to optimize the visibility of your app. Embracing a holistic approach is equally important to work in detail, in order to shape your roadmap for Apple Search Ads campaigns. 

However, it may take time to check out each app, storefront, campaign, or ad group to have an overall look. But don’t worry, we have two exciting features to make your life easier! The latest version of Ads Manager Chart and our new feature Overview Page makes it a lot easier to monitor relevant metrics and compare their value based on time.

New Ads Manager Chart

Our updated Ads Manager Chart makes it really easy to track metrics that define your KPIs, to see how they change over time, and observe how they influence each other. You can visualize how those metrics change over a time period and make a comparison between them to have a quick idea about your performance, without spending too much time comparing data one by one.

Let’s have a look at the new version of our Ads Manager Chart, and see how you can utilize it.

The chart is on the top left side of the Ads Manager page, and it displays Impression and Tap metrics by default.

Apple search manager chart

You can now display multiple metrics on the chart. By clicking on the plus button, you can choose to add whichever metrics that you want to display on the chart. You can also remove the metrics from the chart by clicking on the trash button.

apple search important metrics
apple search taps installs

Next to the time period menu, you can choose to display line, area, or column chart options. 

apple search area chart

The chart allows you to select the time period you want to look at as well.

apple search time period

This feature is handy when you want to see how certain metrics change over time, and what is the connection between them. For instance, you can display TTR, CR, and Impressions to observe how the relevance between users and your app changes as you expand your audience.

Below is an example from a campaign under which the user tried to increase the number of keywords that generate impressions. You can see how TTR and CR decreased as Impressions increased. You can easily detect the keywords that they are bidding for may not be good choices for that app since they aren’t bringing good quality users. Because even if they manage to generate impressions, the ratio of the users that taps and installs to total impressions is much lower than before.

apple search ttr impression

Ads Manager chart is also useful to compare the performance of different campaigns, ad groups, or keywords. For instance, you can compare the spendings and CPAs of two separate campaigns, and take necessary actions accordingly. In order to compare two campaigns, you need to select the campaigns and choose Compare Selected Items from the Actions menu.

searchads compare campaigns

Overview Page

Along with the update on our Ads Manager Chart, we launched a new page to help you monitor your campaigns even further: Overview Page. You can now have a summary of the important metrics for you in the date range of your wish, and display them on the Overview Page.

Overview Page enables you to have an overall insight into your campaigns’ performance. You can choose different metrics such as Impressions, Average CPA, CR or LAT On/Off Installs from the sections on top of the page and see the accumulated/average numbers for a certain time period, as well as the changes in these metrics compared to the previous period. For example, you can see how much you spend a certain app during the time period you choose and how much of a difference there is between that period and the previous period of time.

searchads overview page

You can also see how your campaigns are performing by different metrics based on gender and device targetings. In addition to this, you can display the density of these metrics by the storefront on a map. 

Moreover, Top Ten lists for ad groups and keywords allow you to see Top Tens for the metrics you choose. Let’s say, one of your campaigns has a few keywords that spend most of the budget of the campaign. You can display those keywords on the Overview Page easily. Just  go to the Overview Page and display Top Ten Keywords by Spend. Then you can create a separate campaign with an allocated budget so that those top spender keywords won’t consume all of your budget, and other keywords have enough money to generate taps as well.

apple search top keywords

We hope these new features will ease your daily operations even more when managing your campaigns. Schedule a demo to see how you can utilize these and many other features of If you are already using, it would also be great for us to hear your feedback about our updates through the chat on the bottom right corner.. In any case, as an official partner of Apple Search Ads, we would be more than happy to help and guide you through running more efficient campaigns by saving time!

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