Optimize Apple Search Ads: 5 Important Tips

There are some common practices experts suggest to optimize Apple Search Ads. Let’s check five Apple Search Ads tips that would show you how to optimize Apple Search Ads!

Zehra Cetinel
March 25, 2021

Apple Search Ads has become one of the fastest-growing user acquisition channels for UA managers. There are some common practices experts suggest to optimize Apple Search Ads and to get the best results. Let’s check five Apple Search Ads tips that would show you how to optimize Apple Search Ads!

1. Keep your Campaign Structure as Apple Search Ads Suggests

Apple Search Ads has a guideline for the most optimal campaign structure that includes brand, generic, discovery and probing campaigns. 

Brand campaigns generally aim to protect brand keywords whereas competitor campaigns aim to acquire competitor’s keywords with the right bids. In addition, generic campaigns try to capture related non-brand keywords belonging either to your genre or to what your app does. 

Lastly, Apple Search Ads suggests creating discovery campaigns with the broad match and Search Match to capture keywords that might become profitable. 

apple search ads campaign structure

While creating campaigns for different storefronts, it is crucial to keep in mind to create different campaigns for each storefront. It is always best in terms of management and control. Moreover, different countries have different trends so the app store search marketing of those countries may require different budgets and optimizations. You can simply duplicate your campaign with just one click on the dashboard of SearchAds.com.

2. Create the Best Keyword Pool and Keep it Up to Date

Choosing the right keywords is crucial to create the best campaign structure. With the keyword intelligence of SearchAds.com, it takes only seconds to create a keyword pool that includes both brand, generic, and competitor keywords that have high popularity scores.

However, it is also important that the keyword pool should stay optimized and it should stay up to date all the time. To do so, brand, generic, and competitors’ brand keywords should be categorized properly under respective campaigns. The performances of these keywords should constantly be audited. With the automation templates feature of SearchAds.com, it is simple to create keyword-based optimizations. You only need to enter inputs and the system takes actions on behalf of you. 

apple search ads automation

For instance, if you want to pause keywords that have low tap-through rates, you can use the Pause Low Performing Keywords (TTR- Based)  automation template by entering the relevant metrics for you. 

To keep the keyword pool growing and to increase Apple Search Ads revenue, giving importance and considerable budget for search match and broad match campaigns is the key.

3.Utilize Negative Keywords

All of the exact keywords should be added as negative keywords to search & broad match ad groups/campaigns. If the keywords that are already in Apple Search Ads bidding are not added as negative keywords to the Apple Search Ads discovery campaigns, those keywords might be caught as a search term and cause problems.

While creating an automation rule from SearchAds.com, you can negate in the original campaign with just one click as shown below. 


4. Keep Optimizing Your Bids

Optimizing bids and finding keywords with low and high performance is an important concern for Apple Search Ads Managers. But to get the best bid results, bids should be changing constantly even if they find the sweetest spot. Therefore, it is suggested to increase the bids of well-performing keywords. Similarly, you should decrease the bids on bad-performing keywords. 

In SearchAds.com, you can create an automation rule to keep your bid in the finest spot and at the desired level by setting custom conditions.

 how to optimize

5. Pay Attention to Budget Allocation and Daily Caps

Sometimes, Apple Search Ads managers can set daily caps relevantly low, and some well-performing keyword’s performance can be restricted. Thus they might not be able to spend more which leads the company to miss an opportunity. To prevent this and optimize Apple Search Ads, daily caps should be rearranged accordingly. 

apple search ads daily caps

Search Ads.com has a notification feature where users are notified if there is any campaign that reaches its daily cap. This way you can decide which action to take.

Do not Forget ASO!

Apple Search Ads is highly relevant to App Store Optimization. Therefore, it is highly recommended to apply a combined strategy both for App Store Optimization and Apple Search Ads optimization. To get more information about the relationship between ASO and Apple Search Ads, it is highly recommended to read “How to Improve ASO with Apple Search Ads”!

That's all for now. To get more tips to optimize Apple Search Ads, feel free to pick a time and meet with our Apple Search Ads experts!

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