How to Optimize Apple Search Ads Campaigns: AI-Powered Smart Tools
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Alperen Nihan

Apple Search Ads is a powerful platform allowing UA managers to promote their apps on the App Store and reach millions of users. By targeting the right group of users and forming a well-designed ca...

Dayparting: How to Get the Most Out of Your Campaign Budget
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Alperen Nihan

Campaign management is a vast area where you should pay attention to various aspects like budgeting and timing.  At, we are working on making those aspects easier for you to mana...

ASA and ASO for Hypercasuals
Apple Search Ads and ASO: A Killer Combo for Low CPI and CPA in Hyper-Casual Games
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Talip Sencan

2021 was quite a year for hyper-casuals. They have dominated the top charts for a long time and had their share of last year’s impressive spending in the App Store. Privacy shifts have brough...

search tab ads
How to Boost Your Growth on the App Store with Search Tab Ads
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Zehra Cetinel

Search tab campaigns have become one of the hottest topics for Apple Search Ads marketers since the new placement launched. There are still many people who have limited knowledge and questions abou...

health and fitness apps
Health and Fitness Apps: How to Grow with Apple Search Ads
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Irmak Karademir

Wellness products have always been on trend for the people who seek to become healthier in different ways, but Covid-19 made it a whole different situation. People started to prioritize their healt...

apple search ads casino games
Apple Search Ads Strategies for Casino Games
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Aysenur Altunay

Casino games are obviously one of the most competitive subgenres in the gaming category. It is always possible to see a couple of casino games in the top charts. Being this popular, these games are...

apple search ads games
Apple Search Ads: How Can Gaming Apps Utilize It?
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Gizem Bugdayci

No matter if you’re a hardcore gamer or an occasional player, one thing is for sure: We’re lovin’ games even more since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s no surprise that the Mo...

How To Survive in the Finance Category With Low Costs?
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Nil Ozertan

It is undeniable that the finance market is a bottomless pit and new reforms are being established each day. Especially the blockchain-based coins have reached their highest values for the past cou...

user acquisition search ads
User Acquisition: Utilizing
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Talip Sencan

Apple Search Ads is a terrific ad network for user acquisition. The way the platform works results in high conversion rates due to interested and relevant audiences. But what if we told you that Ap...

Uncovering Your Competitors’ Paid and Organic Keywords is Just 2 Steps Away!
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Gizem Bugdayci

Every user acquisition manager knows how itching it is to find keywords that bring installs. But, there is another thing that is even more challenging: ‘’Using tons of keywords but getting low inst...

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