Apple Search Ads Launches in Mainland China

Apple Search Ads, an efficient and easy way to help people discover your app when they search on the App Store, has been launched in mainland China.

Talip Sencan
June 24, 2021

Apple Search Ads has arrived in mainland China! 

Apple Search Ads, an efficient and easy way to help people discover your app when they search on the App Store, has been launched in mainland China. With increasing concerns over privacy and Apple’s decision to deprecate the IDFA, Apple Search Ads has been gaining even more traction as a mobile user acquisition platform.

App marketers who are experiencing higher user acquisition costs due to the limitations in personalized advertising have started utilizing Apple Search Ads to improve their conversions and costs.

To advertise an app on the App Store in mainland China, your business and app must be approved. As part of this, you may need to upload business licenses and other relevant documents. For more information on how to take the right steps to run Apple Search Ads campaigns in mainland China, visit the Apple Search Ads help article.

 Additionally, Search Tab Ads will not be available to app marketers for the time being. Still, with hundreds of millions of iOS users, the launch of Apple Search Ads in mainland China is a huge opportunity for both local and international app advertisers.

Dominate the mainland China market with

It will be interesting to see how the performance of Apple Search Ads in mainland China will compare to other regions.’s extensive know-how will now be used to support our business partners’ efforts in mainland China, helping them to grow their business at an unprecedented pace. 

As, we have been helping our clients in the APAC region since day one. Caret Games, a Korean mobile MMORPG developer is only one example of our expertise in the market. 

D2C R Inc, a Tokyo-based app marketing agency greatly reduced acquisition costs within just 2 weeks of working with and using our intuitive tools.

We are anxious to add new success stories to our record in Mainland China, as an Apple Search Ads partner and the leading Campaign Management Platform.

How Can Help Scale your Apple Search Ads Campaigns

  • All in one dashboard that allows you to track user activity from first tap to in-app actions. This way you can continuously keep track of your performing and sub-optimal campaigns, allowing for optimization. 
  • Make smarter bids with our advanced keyword tools and fine-tune your strategy.
  • Funnel tracking that allows you to have total control over your revenue generation process.
  • Automation Tools that reduce the amount of manual work needed, allowing you to focus on improving your strategy.
  • Custom Goal Tracking so you can determine your own goals and measure your performance. 
  • Find out what kind of Creative Sets your competitors are using and maximize your Conversion Rates!

If you want to advertise your app in China, sign up to today and scale your campaigns to epic proportions which will dazzle your competitors.

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