How to Improve ASO with Apple Search Ads
Aysenur Altunay avatar
Aysenur Altunay

Both being related to the App Store search, ASO and Apple Search Ads are ways of showcasing your app and actually the most effective way of acquiring new users. 65% of all iOS downloads happen afte...

apple search ads roas
ROAS Measurement in Apple Search Ads
Talip Sencan avatar
Talip Sencan

Apple Search Ads is a powerful tool to increase your growth. Through a carefully designed campaign, it is possible to grow your user base and increase your revenue. However, you should be very care...

5 reasons apple search ads
5 Reasons Why You Should Use Apple Search Ads
Claire McIntosh avatar
Claire McIntosh

Ready to take marketing your app to the next level? Don’t know where to start? Apple Search Ads might be a good place. Apple Search Ads is an acquisition channel. This Channel connects advertisers ...

ads manager
New Features in Overview Page and Ads Manager Chart
Irmak Karademir avatar
Irmak Karademir

As the importance of Apple Search Ads is getting bigger and bigger every day, tracking and measuring the performance of your Apple Search Ads campaigns is becoming even more crucial for you to opti...

user acquisition with apple search ads
Mastering User Acquisition with Apple Search Ads
Claire McIntosh avatar
Claire McIntosh

But how do we do it? Our number one secret to app marketing is here in 5 easy steps you can take to master user acquisition with Apple Search Ads.

apple search ads mistakes
Apple Search Ads: Top 7 Common Pitfalls to Avoid
Talip Sencan avatar
Talip Sencan

Apple Search Ads is a powerful paid user acquisition tool that should be used by anyone trying to grow their app. The App Store is estimated to have over 1.8 million apps available according to App...

automation templates
Save Time with New Automation Templates
Nil Ozertan avatar
Nil Ozertan

Like any advertiser, we wish to be able to manage well-performing campaigns from the day we have started running them. However, the process of optimizing a campaign never ends! Especially for the o...

best practices
Apple Search Ads Best Practices
Nil Ozertan avatar
Nil Ozertan

The App Store is one of the greatest application distribution platforms where the competition among app developers is very tough with approximately 1.8 million applications according to Apple. Appl...

overcoming data discrepancy
Overcoming Data Discrepancies – Learn the reasons behind it
Nil Ozertan avatar
Nil Ozertan

Creating a campaign requires more than market research and tracking your data conscientiously. Every advertiser has faced different matters when it comes to optimization of a campaign; data discrep...

4 valid reasons why gaming companies need
4 Valid Reasons Why Gaming Companies Need
Gizem Bugdayci avatar
Gizem Bugdayci

Gaming companies have been trying almost all channels to see which one works best for them. No matter which category they are in, they all focus on the ones bringing the highest download without an...

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