apple search ads china cover
Apple Search Ads Launches in Mainland China
Talip Sencan avatar
Talip Sencan

Apple Search Ads has arrived in mainland China!  Apple Search Ads, an efficient and easy way to help people discover your app when they search on the App Store, has been launched in mainland C...

scaling apple search ads
Scaling Apple Search Ads: 5 Best Practices
Talip Sencan avatar
Talip Sencan

If you are looking for new ways to develop your app marketing strategy, Apple Search Ads is probably one of the best user acquisition channels to try out. In this article, we will share with y...

health and fitness apps
Health and Fitness Apps: How to Grow with Apple Search Ads
Irmak Karademir avatar
Irmak Karademir

Wellness products have always been on trend for the people who seek to become healthier in different ways, but Covid-19 made it a whole different situation. People started to prioritize their healt...

apple search ads strategy doordash
Apple Search Ads Strategy & ASO: How DoorDash is Winning the Market
Zehra Cetinel avatar
Zehra Cetinel

Delivery apps, in the food and drink genre, have become more popular during the pandemic days. DoorDash, one of the biggest apps in the food and drink category is also one of those that reached the...

apple search ads casino games
Apple Search Ads Strategies for Casino Games
Aysenur Altunay avatar
Aysenur Altunay

Casino games are obviously one of the most competitive subgenres in the gaming category. It is always possible to see a couple of casino games in the top charts. Being this popular, these games are...

apple search ads games
Apple Search Ads: How Can Gaming Apps Utilize It?
Gizem Bugdayci avatar
Gizem Bugdayci

No matter if you’re a hardcore gamer or an occasional player, one thing is for sure: We’re lovin’ games even more since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s no surprise that the Mo...

App Store Search Tab Ads: Everything You Should Know
Talip Sencan avatar
Talip Sencan

Millions of people visit the App Store every day. Naturally, these users have a high potential for downloading an app. Leveraging this situation allowed Apple Search Ads to become one of the most p...

what is apple search ads
What Is Apple Search Ads & Why You Need It
Talip Sencan avatar
Talip Sencan

Apple Search Ads is a relatively new user acquisition channel. Many app marketers are wondering how to use the platform in an efficient way that is profitable for their app. If you still do not kno...

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Apple Search Ads: How Top Fitness Apps Maximize Growth
Zehra Cetinel avatar
Zehra Cetinel

Apple Search Ads is keeping its place as one of the most significant user acquisition channels, therefore the top charts of different categories are full of apps that are highly active in Apple Sea...

IDFA Deprecation: How to get prepared?
Claire McIntosh avatar
Claire McIntosh

How can we prepare for IDFA Deprecation? App developers have been worried about all the buzz surrounding the new privacy policy being implemented by Apple.  You can check out our panel on IDFA...

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