5 Reasons Why You Should Use Apple Search Ads

In this article you can find ten things you need to know on the recent Apple Search Ads updates.

Claire McIntosh
December 11, 2020

Ready to take marketing your app to the next level? Don’t know where to start? Apple Search Ads might be a good place.

Apple Search Ads is an acquisition channel. This Channel connects advertisers with their desired target audience. Additionally, it allows you to bid on specific keywords in the App Store. According to these bids, your app can appear at the top of App Store search results on iPhone and iPad. Being seen at the top of App Store search results is one of the best places to have your ads to increase your conversion rates. This acquisition Channel is fairly new, and most app publishers haven’t caught on yet. But why Apple Search Ads? 


1. High conversion rate on Apple Search Ads

Furthermore, the Apple App Store metrics are impressive. Apple Search Ads has an average 50% conversion rate. The reason behind this is simple. Who is more likely to click on an ad than someone who is looking for your specific product? That too in the online store that they already want to buy it from? According to Apple Search Ads, 70% of App Store visitors use search to find apps, 65% of downloads occur directly after a search on the App Store. People go to the App Store to download apps. Being recommended at the top of the search results has an undeniable benefit

2. Engaged user base

You can achieve a higher user acquisition rate. According to a case study on Voodoo, an app publisher, people that download apps through Apple Search Ads contribute an average of 18 percent more revenue. They also have a higher retention rate than those who find the app from other sources by 5 percent. They tend to be more likely to make in-app purchases and subscriptions. This means that the client base reached with Apple Search Ads is a valuable one that you don’t want to miss out on.

3. App Store product page metadata based on campaign search results

An App Store product page gives you a limit of 100 keywords. You need to be concise when choosing them. While ranking well for less common terms will get you less visibility, the people your ad is shown to may have more of an interest in that precise thing. Whereas ranking lower for popular terms will get you more traffic but you risk getting lost in the sea of other apps with those search terms.

By tinkering with your metadata over time you can figure out the best name, subtitle, and keywords for your app to make sure that it is found first in the App Store. You can do this efficiently with SearchAds.com  which will suggest keywords, track your keywords (you can gain insight on the keywords of your competitors as well). From there, your ads are automatically matched to relevant searches on the App Store

Apple Search Ads can be the missing link in perfecting your ASO strategy. Just keep a check of what keywords bring more in-game purchases or subscriptions and optimize to your heart's content. You can complete your App Store Optimization bulk with SearchAds.com.

4. Finding low CPA keywords

Launch a Discovery campaign to see what high ranking keywords you might be missing out on.

A Discovery campaign is a campaign to find potential keywords that you might be missing out on. You can do this by making two ad groups. The first group should be a broad match group containing all of your keywords and with the Search Match switched off. The second should be a search match group with no keywords, Search Match switched on. Then, add your negative keyword, in other words, keywords that you do not want to be suggested, to both of your groups. For example, keywords from your brand, and competitor names.

Once you have some nicely selected fresh keywords, you can add them to your metadata or bid on them.

5. Low Costs and High Returns

Apple Search Ads is relatively new and relatively cheap. The average cost-per-tap (CPT) is very affordable. When compared with Facebook and Google it is extremely cheap.

This can be attributed to the acquisition channel still being a relatively new platform not saturated with advertisers. Considering the impressive return on ad spend of the platform now is a great time to start using it. Starting now will get the maximum benefits out of the still unsaturated and affordable market.

Bonus: Use SearchAds.com

Have your MMP and your Apple Search Ads account in one single dashboard.

Individually analyzing reports from an Apple Search Ads account across multiple campaigns and multiple apps even can be difficult. Not to mention extremely time-consuming. Not to mention having to keep track of both your Apple Search Ads account and MMP. SearchAds.com provides a solution to that by merging your MMP and your Apple Search Ads account. Everything is on one dashboard, eliminating clutter and organizing everything in one convenient location. 

The headache of adjusting your daily cap, budget, and bid amount can also be removed by using SearchAds.com. SearchAds.com fast tracks the analysis and saves you from having to go one by one manually adjusting your strategy for every ad group, campaign, and individual keyword. Moreover, SearchAds.com can automate campaign management and allows you to adjust everything in bulk. 

So Why Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads is a wonderful asset. This asset will probably not remain as affordable as it is now. This powerful tool can be just what you need to launch you forward on the App Store. You can get the downloads and interaction you deserve after all the long hours of putting your app together. Therefore, if you want to see your app at the top of the App Store search results, this may be your best route to success.

Paired with SearchAds.com, not only will you have all the information you need to get your app to the top of search results, but it will be without the hassle. Create an account with Apple Search Ads, login, and start your campaign. Register with us to find out for yourself how beneficial these tools can be.

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